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by Agnostic

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This is a collection of songs that I thought were important [to understanding what I think about music when I think about music]. They were written and recorded in a few different places over a few years.

follow the sun, zephyr, your head is a flower.
bending towards the natural light


released June 12, 2012

All songs written/recorded by Asher Meerovich
Backup vocals on track 1 - Margo Weill

1 - College Park, MD, 2012
3, 4 recorded in the caravan in Beit Meir, Israel, over 2010-2012.
2 - a basement in Queens, NY, winter 2014.
5 - Burke, VA, summer 2013



all rights reserved


Agnostic College Park, Maryland

dust to dust

i also play in Tomato Dodgers

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Track Name: Have you ascended?
the first time i went to outer space
i saw the stars shooting past
and i, so young, thought them perhaps fireflies.
i asked my father, "Dad, what are those things floating past the window?"
and he said, "not now son - I'm going out."
Track Name: Portrait of the author as a young broom
it's monday night, 6:35 PM and i don't want to leave my house
i mean i wasn't going to, i have nothing to do
but if i did, i wouldn't
this i know
i put my guitar on the floor
i put my body on the floor
everyone wants me to do what i want, isn't that nice?
everyone wants me to do what i want
but i don't know what i want
you get a little crazy when you get alone in your head
you get a little strung out when you've got nothing left to eat but bread
passover night, i am alone
my friends have gone, everyone is doing something
i am here, this is my something
my something's here, here is me
i can't hear you, can't you see i'm busy
doing work
counting all the methods that my gerbil uses to reach the other side of the wheel
you have no idea how i feel
Track Name: Knife play (piano version)
i can feel it coming like a thousand chains of knives
the ones you'd always tried to hide
well don't hide it from me

i can see it like a thousand chains of knives
i can feel it like the rhythm in your eyes
i can see it in the way you only say
"i can see it in the way that you talk
i can see it in the way that you walk"
well don't tell it to me

can you tell me the way that you feel
and can you tell me if any of this is real
can you tell me if you're just wasting all my time
i can't decide
it's for me to find, for me to know
how can you ever claim to let me go
when without you i'm just a machine
and you can tell it to me
Track Name: Dancing on the edge of a piece of paper
do you ever get the feeling that the stars are folding in on themselves
to brighten our nights when it should be dark as coal?
there's no room to slip, now, no room for error
just a tightrope walker kind of hope i have
as i go to the show
and every time i step on the stage
it reminds me of dancing on the edge of a piece of paper
i hear you turn the page, i see you close the light
and i get the feeling things are gonna turn out alright
Track Name: 1,000 years
a thousand years, i try to find
a simple way to make up my mind
maybe it's not what i wanted, maybe it's not what i planned
but i can see the way that you look at me
and who am i to deny your rightful place?

since time began, you just misled
the scales that tip inside my head
maybe it's not what i wanted, maybe it's not what i planned
but i can see the way that you looked at me
and how could i even try to forget your face?

do you remember the heart i told you i had?
well it's gone, i've walked straight out the door
won't look back, i'm not around anymore
a thousand years will never change my mind