Bummertime I

by Agnostic

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summer is too long.

this is not so much an album but bandcamp wouldn't let me call it a "homogeneous shitheap of stream-of-consciousness turgidity" (pitchfork's words, not mine).

it's a collection of songs that were put together because of the feelings they elicit, or were born from, or are meant to evoke. as much time was spent on the technical aspects of this album as on the music itself: the song order, transitions, blank space, noises, and song titles were carefully chosen to achieve a specific image.

or maybe not. who cares. i've been playing a lot of n64.

but if you want to listen to it while lying down in the dark, and are reminded of someone you haven't spoken to in a long time, or wonder about what happens after death, and for a moment you break out of your mental bubble of immediacy -- it'll have served some use to the world.

in the words of David Byrne, "I feel my stuff."


released June 6, 2014

all songs by Asher except:
lyrics on 1 w/K. Shaughnessy
lyrics on 5, 6 w/Hyacinth Girl

synth drums on track 1 by Chaim, if you're reading this -- return my calls
strings on tracks 2, 11 excerpted from my score for the MD Shakespeare Players' production of Macbeth, May '14
vocals on tracks 5, 6 by Hyacinth Girl, get out of rehab soon <3
track 7 is for mom
track 11 contains excerpts of caravan recordings circa 2011+12
track 13 was conceived in a jerusalem bedroom, spring 2012

album art -- vakhtang tato akhalkatsishvili



all rights reserved


Agnostic College Park, Maryland

dust to dust

i also play in Tomato Dodgers

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Track Name: Staying awake til 5 and seeing snow (new york version)
i slept in your bed and was cold for the first time
i can't say any more
i guess we must be not in love
cause this is just the brink

here in our empty home
we're finally on our own
and it's so quiet we don't know what to say
every day we're just wasting away
grey evidence, we turn into cadavers
barely breathing, lonely strangers
cause this is just the brink

you once told me that nothing bored you
but people who were bored by you
i can't wait for you not to call
cause this is just the brink
Track Name: We drove the extinction effort
we drove the extinction effort by dawn
with four guilty hands and our faces turned down
the windows left open to clear out the blood
the lifeboats were hidden in time for the flood

and you ask me to stay, and you ask me to stay
but when will i make up my mind?
Track Name: Portrait of the author as a young domestic
it's monday night, 6:35 PM and i don't want to leave my house
i mean i wasn't going to, i have nothing to do
but if i did, i wouldn't
this i know
i put my guitar on the floor
i put my body on the floor
everyone wants me to do what i want, isn't that nice?
everyone wants me to do what i want
but i don't know what i want
you get a little crazy when you get alone in your head
you get a little strung out when you've got nothing left to eat but bread
passover night, i am alone
my friends have gone, everyone is doing something
i am here, this is my something
my something's here, here is me
i can't hear you, can't you see i'm busy
doing work
counting all the methods that my gerbil uses to reach the other side of the wheel
you have no idea how i feel
Track Name: Sleeping in an empty house (demo)
today i'm sleeping in
an empty room
in an empty house
an empty shell

i stand in front of the mirror
and i think
i just saw my reflection blink
now i'm up alone
let's see if i can make it on my own
Track Name: You
you've been in my waking dreams
i wonder what your face looks like
i wonder what your --
i feel the sun go down when you frown
i feel the sun explode when --

you give me tremors i don't know how to fix
if i had a kingdom i would surely give it up
i wonder what the place looks like
where you hide your dreamer's wings

and i just want to feel the sun come up
i just want to feel --

you occupy my prophecies
you dig into the tracks i leave
you used to live alone
i know you used to live alone
i know you used to --
Track Name: First day of spring
the further we get from the first day of spring
is the further i fly on the edge of the swing
you push me as if i grew wings
my shadow breaks into a hundred thousand smaller shadows
curling around your finger like a temporary ring
i want to sing, to you
from inside your radio
as you drive home with shovels in your trunk
i want to sit in the passenger seat
and point out the clouds
and come back home and sleep beside you, half-naked and half-drunk
but instead, i'm down here beneath you
under what must be about seventy inches of dirt
but don't worry, sweet emotion
cast your worries to the sea
you anesthetized me with your dreams
so at least it didn't hurt